100 gsm off white sugar paper



High density cardboard







Fabric (upcycled)

Section binding



S = 127 x170 mm (~A6)

M = 158 x 210 mm (~A5)

L = 175 x 245 mm (~A4)







S   127 x 170 mm (~A6)


£ 5.00


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S   127 x 170 mm (~A6)

Printed- 'Mountains' and 'Nautical Wheel'

£ 5.00


> Available at 'Deptford Does Art' shop <





The paper is ideal for drawing with ink pens or soft pencils, and thick enough even for water colour painting. Dark ink pens will not seep through so every single page can be used on both sides.


The section binding makes the spine flexible, which allows the book to remain fully open at all

times and the pages to be completely flat. It can even unfold a full 360 degrees without compromising the drawing surface. It’s seriously flexible.


Available with plain or printed covers. The printed drawings are designed either by myself or one of my cover design collaborators.


- - -


As the product is handmade, every single piece is one of a kind with no compromise to the quality of the book.


M   158 x 210 mm (~A5)


£ 7.00


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L   175x 245 mm (~A4)


£ 10.00


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Limited designs


£5 - £10


> Available at 'Deptford Does Art' shop <

Special orders - customised cover

(currently not available)


Print your name, initials or anything else up to two words


£ 13.00 - £21.00

Life of a sketchbook

Do you know what I mean when I say 'the older the better'? Imagine your favourite leather jacket or red wine or even your reliable hiking boots - there's a certain quality that comes with maturing, even if we have to describe it as 'wear and tear'. Those wrinkles have a story to tell. That's what makes them unique and precious to their user, because they contain and reveal the experience, feelings and discoveries of one's own process...of becoming.


To support and celebrate this gracious aging, I have chosen to make my sketchbooks using high density board covers, because not only they are very natural yet durable, but they aid a more authentic process by slowly exhibiting precious signs of maturing - described only crudely as 'wear and tear'!


From the very start the main requirements were that the sketchbook would be practical, strong and recyclable. Therefore, the materials used are produced in the UK and Switzerland - the covers are plain cardboard and the inner paper is simple sugar paper which has a slightly rough texture due to it’s ‘unfinished’ surface. Held together with up-cycled fabric, the spine uses just the right amount of glue, allowing for maximum strength and zero waste.


Trusting you are with me on this one, let me ensure you further that the quality of these simple yet genuine items has been also tested and approved personally by me through countless hours of sketching in them when working or travelling.


Hope you can find the one - or three - just right for you and joyfully continue capturing your own life processes in whichever way you choose.


If you'd like to see more, check out my Instagram:  @nomadic.sketch.


If you have images of your "Nomadic" sketchbook that you would be happy to share here, just get in touch.

get in touch:

instagram:    @nomadic.sketch

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